Greg Pedat

Greg Pedat

Greg Pedat
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Greg Pedat was born June 21, 1980 in Geneva, Switzerland.  Seduced by cinema since a very young age, he first turned to photography as a form of expression (Argentix), which led him to develop a specific expertise in framing shots.

Mr. Pedat started as a lighting technician on short subject films at the age of 17.  He rapidly distinguished himself through his passion and visual sense for the craft.  After a few years of experience, he transitioned into feature length films and attained the level of Chef Electrician.  Working alongside some of the internationally renowned Directors of Photography (Eduardo Serra ASC, Tim Morris-Johns, Renato Berta AFC, John Mathieson), he acquired an exceptional knowledge of lighting and framing scenes.

In 2006, at the age of 26, Mr. Pedat shot his first feature film in the role of Director of Photography (Motel), which finally allowed him to exploit his knowledge of photography.  Strong from the start, he rapidly work on other features and became known to a number of Directors, such as Jean-Luc Goddard, consulted Mr. Pedat for his film « Socialism ».  Although finally, they did not work together on this film, it was a significant collaboration, which marked Mr. Pedat’s ultimate path through film.

In 2011, the French Director Kader Ayd, called Mr. Pedat for the role of Director of Photography for the American Film « Five Thirteen ». The resulting collaboration between Greg Pedat and Kader Ayd grew strong throughout the realization of this film. Then they work over 2 other films (The Devil of Novery and A Day Like A Week). Associated with Christian Fischele and Charles Biétry, together they founded Spartans Entertainment LLP and are developing additional feature films together. In 2018, they shoot the last movie of Kader Ayd ¨Une Revanche à Prendre¨. But Mr Pedat still also work with others Directors.

  • ¨Une Revanche à Prendre¨
    Director : Kader Ayd
    Cast : Charles Aznavour, Richard Bohringer, Dolores Chaplin, Philippe Nahon, Jo Prestia, Arsène Jiroyan
    Production : Spartans Division (CH)
  • ¨A Day Like A Week¨
    Director : Kader Ayd
    Cast : Richard Sammel, Armand Assante, Laurianne Gilleron, Tom Sizemore, Steven Bauer, Jennifer Ann-Massey, Tim Sefi, Jimmy Jean-Louis
    Production : UPL Production, Spartans Entertainment (UK)
  • ¨Mary’s Loop¨
    Director : Douglas Beer
    Cast : Jennifer Rihouey, Damien Dorsaz, Maria Métral, Robert Nortik
    Production : Rosebud Production (FR, CH)
    Accolade Global Film, Won Award of Excellence (USA)
    IndieFest Film Award, Won Award of Excellence (USA)
    Lift-Off London Film Festival, Official Selection (UK)
  • ¨Five Thirteen¨
    Director : Kader Ayd
    Cast : Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo, Gary Dourdan, Steven Bauer, James Russo, Taryn Manning, Costas Mandylor, James Duval Production :
    Spartans Entertainment (USA)
  • ¨Devils of Novery¨
    Director : Kader Ayd
    Cast : Armand Assante, Isabelle Caillat, Joëlle Séchaud
    Production : Spartans Entertainment (UK)
  • ¨Verso¨
    Director : Xavier Ruiz
    Cast : Laurent Lucas, Chloé Colloud, Carlos Léal, Delphine Chaneac, Arben Bajraktaraj, André Oumansky, Isabelle Caillat
    Production : Tarantula (B, LUX, CH)
    Soleure Film Festival, Official Selection (CH)
  • ¨Motel¨
    Director : Fabrice Gasser
    Cast : Stéphanie Glaser, Antonio Buil, Julia Batinova, Jean-Pierre Gos, Janet Haufler
    Production : Pandora Film, T.S.R. (CH)
    HIF Festival, Won Silver Wei Award (USA)
    Swiss Academy Award, Nominate Best Women Performance (CH)
    Cinema Tous Ecrans Film Festival, Official Selection (CH)
  • ¨Un Monde Discret¨
    Director : David Depierraz & Stephania Pinnelli
    Cast : Georges Brassey, Frederique Leresche
    Production : T.S.R. (CH)
    Soleure Film Festival, Official Selection (CH)
  • ¨Reflections On Architecture¨ (additional DP)
    Director : Amos Gitai
    Production : Vega Film (CH)
  • ¨What We Leave Behind, Jean-Luc Godard’s Archives¨
    Director : Stephan Crasneanscki
    Production : SoundWalk (USA)
    New York International Awards, Won Silver Prize (USA)
    Novas Frecuencias Festival, Official Selection (BRA)
  • ¨Chronique d’une Mort Oubliée¨
    Director : Pierre Morath
    Production : Point prod (CH)
    Monte Carlo Film Festival, Won Best Documentary (FR)
    Vision du Réel Festival, Official Selection (CH)
    Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, Official Selection (FR)
    Soleure Film Festival, Official Selection (CH)
    Jilhava Film Festival, Official Selection (CZ)
  • ¨Loin des Yeux¨ (additional DP)
    Director : Britta Rindelaub
    Production : Alva Film (CH)
    Vision du Réel Festival, Offical Selection (CH))
  • ¨Roger Dale¨
    Director : Jean-Marie Gindraux
    Production : Pandora Films (CH)
  • ¨Medecins sans Frontières¨
    Director : Wolfgang Bark & Marco Frei Agency : Jung von Matt
    Production : 21Solutions (CH)
    Edi, Nominate best Cinematography
    Edi, Nominate best short film
  • ¨IMD¨
    Director : Ramon & Pedro
    Production : Point prod. (CH)
    Lauréat GRAND, Won Best Creation (CH)
  • ¨Juris Conseil Junior¨
    Director : Gabriela Christen
    Production : Juris Conseil Juniot & Ask The Dust (CH)
  • ¨Ecko - Red¨
    Director : Mehdi R. Zollo
    Production : Ecko, Fatking Films, Reset Creative (USA)
  • ¨Ecko - Cut & Sew¨
    Director : Mark Ecko & Mehdi R. Zollo
    Produciton : Ecko, Fatking Films, Reset Creative (USA)
  • ¨Ecko - Kids¨
    Director : Alex Topaler
    Production : Ecko, Fatking Films, Aggressive Group LLC (USA)
  • ¨Fila¨
    Director : David Gaudin
    Production : SightSeven Production (CH)
  • ¨Red Cross¨
    Director : Olivier Pictet
    Production : Freestudio (CH)
  • ¨Fly Baboo¨
    Director : Fred Baillif
    Production : Fresh Prod. (CH)
  • ¨Luminox¨
    Director : Olivier Pictet
    Production : Free studio (CH)
  • ¨Bar Honda Formula One¨
    Director : Charlie Hieronymi
    Production : Bar Honda (UK)
  • ¨La Lanterne Magique¨
    Director : Thomas Queille
    Cast : Maurice Aufair, Isabelle Caillat, Christian Gregori
    Production : Miroir Prod (CH)
  • ¨Men In A Box¨
    Director : Lowell Cauffiel
    Cast : Kurtwood Smith, Angela Oakenfold
    Production : Primary Purpose Productions (USA)
    HollyShorts Film Festival, Official Selection (USA)
    Reel Recovery Film Festival, Offical Selection (USA)
  • ¨The Other Side¨
    Director : Anthony Jerjen
    Cast : Andrei Alen, Joseph Long
    Production : Dirk Appermont, Anthony Jerjen (CH)
  • ¨Le Retour¨
    Director : Daniel Torisi
    Cast : Mathieu Delarive, Isabelle Caillat
    Production : Panoramic Film (CH)
    Petaluma Int Film Festival, Official Selection (USA)
    Soleure Film Festival, Official Selection (CH)
  • ¨Soap Opera In Wonderland¨
    Director : Eileen Hofer
    Cast : Norberto Lobo, Frances Raquel Navaez, Linda de Suza
    Production : Five to 5 Production, Elefant Films (CH)
    Festival Int Film Amiens, Won Jury Special Mention of ¨Femis¨ (FR)
    Soleure Film Festival, Official Selection (CH)
    Cinema Tous Ecrans Film Festival, Official Selection (CH)
    IIF Festival Lisboa, Official Selection (P)
    International Kurtzfilmtage Winterthur, Official Selection (CH)
  • ¨L’Homme Du Pont Levant¨
    Director : Claudio Todeschinni
    Cast : Kevin Kline, Marina Goldovin, Jean-phillipe Ecoffey
    Production : Pandora Films, T.S.R. (FR, CH)
    Soleure Film Festival, Official Selection (CH)
  • ¨Bunker¨
    Director : Nicolas Veuthey
    Cast : Denis Correvon
    Production : Diwa Média (CH)
    NIFF Festival, Official Selection (CH)
    Cinema Tous Ecrans Film Festival, Official Selection (CH)
  • ¨La Vie d’Artiste¨
    Director : Patrick Claudet
    Cast : Daniel Rohr, Stéphanie Glaser
    Production : Tarmac Film (CH)
  • ¨Mala Medica¨
    Director : Nicole Ferrari
    Cast : Stephanie Glaser, Jean-Pierre Goss, Roberto Bestazoni, Antonio Build
    Production : Pandora Film (CH)
  • ¨Never Been In Love¨
    Singer :
    Dave Stewart feat.
    Charlotte Allen
    : Kader Ayd
    Production : Art Prod (UK)
  • ¨Pump the World¨
    Singer :
    Ricky Galliano feat Fatman Scoop
    Director : David Ebner
    Production : Kontrast Media (CH)
  • ¨Dangerous¨
    Singer :
    Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek
    Director : Mehdi R. Zollo
    Production : Warner, Fatking Films, Reset Creative (USA)
  • ¨Plomo¨
    Singer :
    The Beatnuts feat. Chakal
    Director : Philip Clyde-Smith
    Production : Film Noodle (UK)