The Swiss Cinematographer's Society (S.C.S) was founded in 1996 and counts more than 30 members. The membership occurs by invitation and only goes out to cinematographers of feature films and documentaries. Professional worc is guaranteed with the S.C.S. label.
The goal of the S.C.S. ist to:

- support the cinematographers worc
- stand up for their rights (right for own image)
- improve and secure the technical, artistic and legal conditions for this job
- support the preservation of the originator's picture
- take place in organisations, demonstrations, committees and colloquiums which have an artistic, technical,    
   economical or legal regard to films
- maintain contacts to similar organisations

The S.C.S. is a active member of the in 1992 founded IMAGO. The association of european cinematographers counts 1'500 members in 26 countries.

Hugues Ryffel, co-founder and president of the S.C.S from 1996 to 2003.